September 2007

Pervert caged for seven years

A paedophile who indulged in sexual acts with two babies has been jailed for seven years.

John Pritchard committed a series of sex offences against tots and young girls and was sent down for his evil crimes at Mold Crown Court last week.

But bespectacled Pritchard, 50, of Ffordd Derwen in Rhyl, was desperate the public should not see his face and pulled his jumper over his head as he was led to court by prison officers.

The court heard how Pritchard indulged in perverted sexual acts with a baby boy aged 18 months and a toddler, a little boy aged about four.

He also indecently assaulted young girls and later told police he tried to control himself but was “out of control”. Pritchard told police that he was “unable to stop himself”.

Judge Christopher Llewellyn Jones QC branded him a continuing danger to the public.

In addition to the seven-year prison sentence, he gave him an extra two years on licence so the authorities will have some control over him on his release.

It was clear from the pre-sentence report Pritchard fantasised about pre-pubescent girls and was sexually attracted to children.

The offences occurred before 2002 but the judge said if he was sentencing Pritchard under the present regime, he would have received an indefinite sentence for public protection. But he did not have the power to do so.

“You are assessed as a high risk of harm to children of all ages,” the judge told him.

The judge added the awful thing about the case was “they say that children don’t remember”.

But he had read the video interviews of the two children who had been abused as babies and they plainly remembered.

“They remember what actually happened to them despite their tender age,” the judge said. “One remembered being taken from his cot.”

The judge said it was perfectly plain the effect upon the youngsters had been significant.

The defendant, who had no previous convictions, would be given credit for his guilty plea and frankness, and the fact he had typed out in detail what he had actually done and handed that document to the police.

Gareth Preston QC, prosecuting, told how the mother of one of the children had confronted the defendant and he admitted what he had done.

She, commendably, told him to write down what happened and she also retained for the police text messages in which he made admissions.

He was arrested in April and immediately said “I will admit everything. I have written everything down.”

Interviewed, he spoke of being “romantic” with the young girls and “sharing his feelings” with the little boys.

Pritchard admitted charges of indecent assault against boys and girls.