Lying sex offender had naked image of child on phone

A child sex offender told police carrying out a compliance visit he had no internet enabled devices.

Blackburn magistrates heard a sharp eyed officer noticed a top up card in the room and when questioned further Kevin Hilton produced three mobile phones one of which had a picture of a naked child.

Hilton, 39, of Burrans Meadow, Colne, pleaded guilty to failing to comply with requirements of a sexual harm prevention order.

He was sentenced to four months in prison, suspended for two years, made subject to a community order for two years with 10 days rehabilitation activity requirement and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the sexual harm prevention order prohibited Hilton from having any internet enabled device unless it had the capacity to store the browsing history, he must make it available to the police and must not delete the history.

When officers carried out the compliance visit Hilton said he didn’t have any internet enabled devices. He said if he needed to access the internet he went to the library.

“One of the officers noticed a top up card and when he was asked about that the defendant produced a basic Nokia phone,” said Miss Allan.

“He then produced a Samsung and on that phone the officer saw a photograph of a naked child. He produced another device which he said no longer worked.”

Miss Allan said all the devices had been sent for analysis which could result in further charges.

“Not only did he not provide the phones to the police for inspection but it would appear there were images of children on at least one of them,” said Miss Allan.

“He deliberately lied to the police.”