May 2019

Hull man sentenced for a total of 18 years for sex offences on boys

A depraved predatory “monster” who sexually abused three vulnerable teenage boys has been jailed.

David Pritchard, 61, of HMP Hull, has been jailed for 12 years and has been given an extended licence period of six years for his crimes.

So disgusting were his offences that a judge said he had “behaved like a monster”.  Meanwhile, a Detective Constable has branded him an “extremely dangerous predatory paedophile” and said he fears officers have only “scratched the surface” of the true extent of his crimes.

The force is urging anyone who has fallen victim to “such foul and perverted behaviour” to come forward.

A hearing at Hull Crown Court heard that Pritchard had pleaded guilty to 25 counts over three separate indictments against three teenage boys – all of which were under the age of 16 at the time of the abuse.

The course of the abuse started in Derby in 1990 against a vulnerable young boy who had run away from home.

After being plied with drink and cannabis, he was abused up until he was 18 by Pritchard – who managed to keep him quiet by threatening to kill his mum.

The boy was too scared to report the abuse until he confided in a probation officer after he was arrested for minor crimes himself in 2018.

Prosecuting, Miss Charlotte Baines said Pritchard had subjected the boy to horrific sexual abuse and incited him to engage in a number of sexual activities with him.

A second and third boy were also sexually abused by Pritchard while he was living in Wellstead Street, off Hessle Road in Hull, and Pinfold Street in Bridlington between 2014 and 2018 when they were under the age of 16.

In victim impact statements read out to the court, one boy said he had attempted to take his own life, and the other said he “cannot sleep or eat” and regularly suffers from flashbacks as a result of the abuse.

Miss Baines said Pritchard would involve himself with sexual touching, oral and penetrative sex with the victims.  She said: “The abuse was still happening around two to three weeks before one of the victims spoke out.

“Summarising the victim impact statements one of the victims said that he is finding it difficult to live and he has attempted to take his own life.

“It has left him feeling like life would be better if he wasn’t here. He is not confident around others and finds it very difficult to trust people.

“Another victim said that he has lost weight and struggles to eat and sleep and thinks about it every day. He has also thought about taking his own life and suffers flashbacks and sometimes cannot go to bed at all as it is all he can think about.”

Pritchard already had similar convictions and served a five year sentence in 1989 for buggery

The court heard that during his interviews with police, Pritchard admitted he had a “sexual interest in pre-pubescent males.”  He also told cops that he was “glad it had all come out so they could get it sorted.”

Sentencing him, Recorder Gurdial Singh told Pritchard that he had “behaved like a monster” and told him the lack of physical violence in the abuse (whereby he had instead used coercion and grooming) meant he had narrowly avoided a life sentence.