May 2019

Son of foster carer jailed for abuse

The son of a foster carer who abused a five year old girl to the point of near-death has been sent to prison.

Tony Lippett was convicted of wilful neglect and child cruelty at Gloucester Crown Court in April.

His mother Sharon Lippett, of Aldergrove, Gloucester, was jailed in April for seven years.

Tony Lippett was sentenced to three years six months at Bristol Crown Court along with Kyle Marshall, his mother’s partner, who was jailed for two years.

Marshall, 22, had earlier been found guilty of wilful neglect.

The girl was put through a horrendous campaign of abuse spanning three-and-a-half years after adopting her at the age of two in 2012.

The little girl was hospitalised in June 2015 with injuries so bad doctors said she was lucky to be alive.

In total there was bruising in 49 different areas of the girl’s body from the top of her head down to the backs of her legs, with injuries to her face and body.

The girl had lived with Sharon Lippett until concerns were raised during a hospital admission.

After her injuries were discovered she was placed with different foster carers where she made “worrying disclosures”.

Other abuse the girl endured included being forced to stand in stress positions holding a heavy Lego box over her head and being made to hang by her fingertips from a door.

The jury heard the girl went to live with Lippett, of Kingsway, Gloucestershire, in January 2012 when her natural mother could no longer care for her.

The parent subjected the girl to cruel punishments, such as being zipped into a suitcase, beaten with implements, forced to stand in stress positions with weights above her head and made to hang from a door by her fingertips, the court was told.

The girl told foster carers that she was told to hold a heavy Lego box above her head, and would be shouted at if she lowered her arms when they hurt.

She claimed that Kyle Marshall had told her to eat ‘dog poo’, and to ‘put her hands on the floor so he could cut her fingers off’.

She did not come to the attention of the authorities until she was taken to Gloucestershire Royal Hospital on June 14, 2015.