Hereford paedophile is ‘odd fish’

A convicted sex offender described as an ‘odd fish’ had sex with a 16-year-old girl and hugged another in breach of a sexual harm prevention order.

Aaron Loveridge of Hunderton Road, Hereford, had already admitted two breaches of his sexual harm prevention order when he appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Friday.

The 22-year-old breached the order which was imposed on March 10, 2017

following a sexual offence against a child.

He breached the order by having unsupervised contact with girls aged under 18, one aged 16 and the other aged 17.

Amanda O’Mara, prosecuting, said one of the breaches was committed just a day after Loveridge had appeared in court on February 22 this year, also for breaching the same order.

At that hearing he was given a community order with 40 rehabilitation activity requirement day.

Miss O’Mara described how Loveridge kept in contact with the girl using fake Instagram accounts.

The victim first, who had sex with Loveridge, said he was ‘very clever in the way he had minimised what he had done’ and described how she found it hard to concentrate at school after what had happened.

On February 26, four days after his court appearance he hugged another girl who ‘thought it was weird because she didn’t know him very well’ said Miss O’Mara.

Police saw him with the girl, asked her age and arrested Loveridge.

In interview Loveridge said he had walked after her because she had ‘stormed off’ and asked her for a hug which he described as ‘more of a shoulder barge’.

The court heard that he had been in custody since February 28 this year.

Martin Butterworth, defending, said: “It’s a very unattractive position for him to be in and for me to mitigate for.”

He described having Loveridge having sex with the girl as a way of saying farewell to which judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC replied: “Going out with a bang, as it were.”

Mr Butterworth said of his client ‘he’s rather an odd fish’. He also referred to his educational difficulties and the fact he had been statemented.

Mr Butterworth said Loveridge had ADHD and dyslexia and there was a possibility he also had Tourette’s.

He further describe him as a ‘lonely and isolated character’ and ‘in many respects quite odd’.

Judge Daniel Pearce-Higgins QC placed the breaches in category 2A in the sentencing guidelines with a starting point of two years in custody and a range of 36 weeks to three years in custody.

He said it was also aggravated by the fact that there were two breaches and that Loveridge had previously breached the same order.

The judge said the last two months in custody ‘should be a warning to Mr Loveridge that there are consequences to his actions’.

The judge made a three year community order with 20 rehabilitation activity days. Loveridge must complete the Horizon programme to address his sexual offending.

The sexual harm prevention order will continue in the same terms as before but the judge made it indefinite.