April 2019

Child molester who sent abused boy away with kiss on his forehead flouted court orders

A child sex offender once jailed for five years for molesting a boy landed himself in trouble again by not declaring two email addresses.

Eric Cox, 59, received a long prison sentence in January 2016 for sex acts which haunted a young boy for 20 years.

The judge who sentenced him at Teesside Crown Court said Cox showed no remorse and admitted having a “keen sexual interest in children”.

Cox denied the offences and was convicted by a jury on two charges of indecent assault.

He was jailed for five years, given an indefinite sexual harm prevention order (SHPO) and ordered to register as a sex offender for life.

Almost three years later, he admitted failing to comply with his notification requirements while out on licence.

Prosecutor Jo Kidd said a detective found a mobile phone which carried two email accounts which had not been declared to police.

She said at an earlier hearing in March: “There is nothing to suggest that those accounts had been used in order to carry out any further breaches of the SHPO.”

Cox, of Carlow Street, Ayresome, Middlesbrough, also had other convictions for sex offences.

He was jailed for two years in Leeds in 2005 for sexual offences against a girl, and was convicted of accessing indecent photos of children on the internet in 2009.

Nigel Soppitt, defending, said at the March hearing that Cox had volunteered for a new electronic monitoring scheme, had two polygraph tests and was adhering to close supervision.

Sentencing for the breach, Judge Sean Morris gave Cox a one-year community order with 15 days’ rehabilitation activity.

In 2016, the court heard Cox abused the young boy and forced him to watch a pornographic film decades earlier.

Recorder Richard Wright QC told Cox: “He was vulnerable and he told the jury he simply submitted to your instruction.

“You sent him away with a kiss on the forehead.

“He has had to live with the memory for decades, and it is a memory that will never leave him.

“You did this thing, because in your words when you were interviewed for the pre-sentence report, you have a keen sexual interest in children.

“You have not shown in my judgment a shred of remorse.”

Middlesbrough sex offender hid email accounts from police

A serial sex offender breached restrictions by registering two email addresses and not telling the police officer whose job it is to monitor him.

Eric Cox’s offender manager found a mobile phone in his wardrobe when he called at the 58-year-old’s Middlesbrough home last August.

An examination of the handset revealed the email addresses – both in Cox’s name – but nothing more sinister was found.

Nigel Soppitt, mitigating, told Teesside Crown Court: “He is doing his best to stay on the straight and narrow. He has realigned himself in society and volunteers to take lie-detector tests. He is on tagged surveillance.”

Cox, of Carlow Street, was jailed for five years in 2016 for indecently assaulting a boy, and was released on licence last July.

In 2005, he got a two-year sentence for “contact offences with a little girl”, said prosecutor Joanne Kidd, and in 2009, he was prosecuted for possessing indecent images of children.

As part of his sex offender notification requirements, he has to tell police and a probation worker about any aliases he uses, bank accounts he opens and email addresses he has.

Judge Sean Morris told him: “This was a silly breach, and it is not one which, on the guidelines, crosses the custody threshold, but you must remember you are walking on eggshells when you are on these orders.

“You have been complying with requirements for a long time. Make sure that continues.”

Cox admitted failing to comply with notification , and was given a 12-month community order.

January 2016

Five Years for Child Abuser

THE memory of an evil kiss that haunted a sex abuse victim for 20 years has helped put the attacker behind bars for five years.

A man told Teesside Crown Court he was just seven when Eric Cox committed sex acts on him before planting a kiss on his forehead.

Cox, now 55, had forced the child to watch a pornographic film while his wife was at work.

When the victim, from East Cleveland, finally went to police last year Cox, unemployed, denied anything wrong ever happened.

But the detailed facts related by the man, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, convinced the jury at his trial to convict him.

Five of the 12 members returned to court to watch him sentenced.

They heard he had been jailed for two years in 2005 for sexual offences against the daughter of a neighbour, and in 2009 he was also convicted of accessing indecent photos of children on the internet.

The judge said Cox had not shown a shred of remorse for sexually abusing the boy.

November 2009

Dad is locked up over child sexual abuse images

A TEESSIDE dad who was jailed for downloading thousands of child pornography images failed in his attempt to have his computers returned.

Convicted sex offender Eric Joseph Cox, 49, was visited by officers from the public protection unit in June as part of a routine visit.

After seizing his computer, officers discovered 2,117 pornographic images – 114 of which included images of beastiality, Teesside Crown Court heard.

A month later, police obtained a warrant to search his property again. Cox insisted he no longer had a computer but a search of his home recovered a laptop from his daughter’s room containing more than 200 disturbing images.

Judge Peter Armstrong jailed Cox for 12 months saying: “The fact that you were carrying on clearly shows you have an uncontrollable and unhealthy interest in this sort of material and you need to learn that this won’t be tolerated.”

Around 75% of the images were classified as level one, the lowest end of the spectrum, although 25% of those recovered on the laptop were described as being in the higher levels three and four.

A request by defence barrister Jim Withyman for the offending computers to be returned to Cox was rejected.

When officers initially asked Cox about his home computer, he told them he used it “for innocent purposes and he did not download pornography, as it had no interest to him”.

But during a later police interview he admitted going on to websites and saving the images to his computer and various CDs.

Richard Parsell, prosecuting, said: “He said he bought the home PC second hand, but agreed all of the images on the DVDs and CDs were images he himself had downloaded from the internet.

“He agreed the images were of persons under 18 and some of appeared to be persons under the age of 13.”

Back in 2005 Cox, of Jubilee Street, Middlesbrough, was jailed for two years and given a sexual offences prevention order (SOPO), after a conviction for sexually assaulting a child under 13-years-old.

Mr Withyman said: “In my submission, what he’s predominantly been looking for and what he’s found are level one images.

“So I would ask your honour to deal with him predominantly as a level one offender. The aggravating features are that he’s arrested, bailed and interviewed, then does it again.”

Cox pleaded guilty to 32 counts of making indecent photographs of children, two counts of possessing indecent photos of children and two counts of possessing pornographic images.