April 2019

Suspended sentence for ex-supermarket worker from Wrexham who downloaded sexual images of children and animals

supermarket worker who led a somewhat isolated life downloaded indecent images of children.

Alex Lloyd-Shaw, 25, of Long Lane in Brynteg, received a 27 week prison sentence, suspended for two years and placed on 60 days rehabilitation.

He was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for a decade and a 10-year sexual harm prevention order was made.

Judge Rhys Rowlands said the offences were made more serious by the ages of the children and the nature of some of the images.

He said Lloyd-Shaw had no previous convictions and led a somewhat isolated life, apart from his work which was no longer available to him.

The number of images were quite low and he suffered from anxiety and depression.

He said the choice for the court was a relatively short prison sentence, which he would find deeply unpleasant, or he could draw back and he could follow onerous requirements in the community.

Barrister Mark Connor, prosecuting at Mold Crown Court, said police acting on intelligence examined his mobile phone and found three category A images – the most serious kind – along with two at category B and nine at category C.

He admitted making and possessing the images together with 12 extreme images involving sexual acts between humans, and dogs and horses.

When police visited his home he said: “I should never had clicked on that link.”

He also said to one officer: “Do you know what you have done to me?”

In a prepared statement he accepted the devices seized belonged to him and only he used them.

Police found the images and a file named ‘under age’.

Henry Hills, defending, said his client had shown a good awareness of the consequences of such offending.

He stressed his client had no previous convictions and the case involved a relatively low number of images.

Mr Hills said his client had a “willingness to change for the better”.

He had worked for seven years for the Asda supermarket but after being charged he could not face going into work and was dismissed.

Mr Hills asked the judge to draw back from immediate custody in his case.