March 2019

Creepy weirdo slipped note to teen in shopping centre asking him to perform sex act

A pervert has been put on the Sex Offenders’ Register after he trailed a teenager in a busy shopping centre and slipped him a note asking to perform a sex act on him.

Stephen Greer, 44, has been added to the list of perverts for five years after he tried to coax the lad back to his flat.

He followed him through Paisley’s Piazza mall – then sidled up and slipped him the proposition as families strolled past.

The creep has also been placed on a tag after he was punished at Paisley Sheriff Court .

Sheriff Seith Ireland heard Greer is hooked on booze and refused to meet with social workers.

He said: “You passed a sexual note to a young man in a shopping centre.

“Whether the person is heterosexual or homosexual, or anything else, is not the point.”

Greer targeted the teen during a bustling afternoon at the mall.

He repeatedly strolled by his victim to try and catch his gaze.

He then passed the note with the message: “Meet me at the taxi rank, I stay near – 15 minutes.”

Greer then hissed what he wanted to do to him.

The court heard the teenager was left humiliated and distressed by his behaviour.

The victim – who had just finished work – was convinced to call in police after revealing what happened to his girlfriend and family.

Greer was quizzed by social workers from the Pathways team for sex offenders after the ordeal on April 18, 2017.

They maintained he did not seem to grasp why what he did was wrong.

He told them he would not be able to carry out community service.

Sheriff Ireland told him he will be tagged and put on a curfew.

He added: “There is an alternative to custody that would punish him in the community.

“He is not fit for unpaid work, obviously, and he’s got to understand this order was an alternative to custody.

“If it’s not done, ultimately, custody could be imposed.

“These orders are there to be carried out.

“You’ve got to acknowledge when alcohol is impinging on your health.

“It might cut short your life because you’re damaging your system with excess alcohol.”

Greer, of Love Street, Paisley, must remain indoors between 7pm and 7am for four months.