Eastleaze teenager who claimed ‘I ain’t no nonce’ jailed for posting ‘revenge porn’

AN ‘arrogant’ teenager who sent a film of his former girlfriend performing a sex act on him to her family has been jailed for 16 months.

Dean Baker also posted the movie on to the website Pornhub making it available for anyone round the world to view.

As a result the 17-year-old girl was approached in the street – prompting her to consider killing herself by drinking bleach.

And 18-year-old Baker, who told police: “I ain’t no nonce,” will have to register as a sex offender for 10 years because his victim was still a child at the time.

Colin Meeke, prosecuting, told Swindon Crown Court the couple had been in a relationship for just a few weeks.

He said it had been punctuated by his controlling behaviour and came to an end after he sent a picture of his penis to her and as well as to a friend of hers he had been trying it on with.

After the pair split up he said the victim posted the image, which did not show Baker’s face, on a closed group of a few friends. But one person shared it, making it available for others to see.

Baker then threatened to send indecent images of her to her family and, despite her pleading with him not to, he went through with his threat.

Mr Meeke said: “There was a 28-second video clip. He threatened to publish it to her.

“He threatened to publish it saying ‘laugh out loud, going to send it to your mum’, and he did.

“He sent it to a large number of members of her family including her grandfather.

“He put it on Pornhub where it is on open availability to anyone who chooses to log on to that site. That caused a huge amount of distress. All manner of people saw it.”

The judge said “People approaching her in the street, she considered at one point committing suicide drinking bleach.”

Mr Meeke added that the girl was now scared to go to part of Swindon and that Baker was an arrogant man.

He said: “Your honour has seen the summary of the interview: that seems the right description.

“He knew she was 17 and it was an offence but he said ‘I ain’t no nonce’. But the conviction does make him a sex offender.”

Mr Meeke added that Baker sent a volley of abuse to the other girl referring to her Polish heritage.

Baker, of Denbeck Wood, Eastleaze, pleaded guilty to distribution of a private image, distribution of an indecent image of a child and sending an offensive message.

Jailing him Judge Robert Pawson said: “If there was a salutary tale about social media among teenagers than this is it.

“You sent an image of your penis not only to her but to a friend of hers and when she found out about it she ended it.

“Why on earth, and I don’t want to sound like I was born 1,000 years ago, how on earth people want to take pictures of things like that and put them on websites is quite beyond me.”

He added “She had people approaching her in the street. People pointing at her saying ‘That’s the girl’, causing her great distress.”

Before the hearing started a friend of of Bakers who was sitting in the public gallery was made to delete a photo he had taken of him in the dock and the judge also noted him laughing as the case was heard.