March 2019

Chesterfield child-abuse images pervert was snared by undercover cop pretending to be a young girl

A child-abuse images pervert was caught with horrific indecent images and movies after he was snared online by an undercover police officer pretending to be an 11-year-old girl.

Derby Crown Court heard on Wednesday, March 6, how James Adkin, 33, of Eyre Street East, Hasland, Chesterfield, corresponded with the bogus youngster named Abbey in a sexual manner before police searched his home and discovered he been viewing child and extreme pornography.

Sarah Allen, prosecuting, said: “An undercover police officer posed as an 11-year-old girl called Abbey and the defendant corresponded with her on January 30, 2018, via an application called Kidschat.”

Ms Allen added: “The conversation developed into her saying she had done stuff with boys and there was a discussion about Abbey touching her genitalia.”

As a result, police searched Adkin’s home, according to Ms Allen, and exhibits were seized and analysed and officers recovered indecent images of children which appeared to have been generated by a peer-to-peer application.

The court heard police found 209 images and three movies of the worse, higher category A nature, 191 images and two movies of category B and 710 images and four movies of category C.

Ms Allen added that most of the footage included girls aged three-to-11 with some images of boys aged nine-to-11.

Police also found 478 extreme pornographic images including bestiality with dogs and horses.

Adkin told police he had been interested in such matters for about ten years and he started with Teenchat and had talked to 13 to 15 year-old girls and he suggested he talked to people over 12-years-old.

He added that he engaged in something called “age-play” with other adults and he enjoyed the risks involved and later accepted he was attracted to girls and engaged in masturbation while speaking to girls and he had asked for photos.

Adkin pleaded guilty to four charges including attempting sexual communication with a child and to possessing category A, category B and category C indecent images of children

He also admitted a fifth count of possessing extreme pornography involving bestiality.

Judge Nirmal Shant QC told Adkin: “The reality is somewhere a child has been abused in the most horrible way and viewing these images encourages people to put children in that position.”

She added that Adkin deserves a custodial sentence but she had to consider the best way to protect the public by addressing his problems and stopping his behaviour.

Judge Shant QC opted to sentence Adkin to a three-year community order with a sexual group work programme, a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and 75 hours of unpaid work.

Adkin was also made subject to notification provisions with the authorities for five years and he was placed under a Sexual Harm Protection Order for five years barring him from activities with children.

Judge Shant QC told him: “Any breach will put you back before me and you will receive a custodial sentence.”