March 2019

Convicted sex fiend jailed for sex talk to a child

A sex predator, locked up indefinitely for attacking two women, struck again within months of being released into the community.

Ryan Chinnery was given an indeterminate sentence in 2008 after nasty attacks on victims at night.

He was released after serving nine years but struck again within 18 months.

This time Chinnery – who changed his name to Osbourne – terrified a 12-year-old school girl after subjecting her to vile sex talk.

When police officers arrested Osbourne, of Golf Road, Deal, they discovered he had filmed his encounter with the victim.

And in a sinister twist, his phone revealed he had been following other women at night.

Osbourne, 29, was recalled on prison licence after his arrest and has now been given a 20-month sentence – but still will not be released on parole again until he is regarded as posing no further threat.

He bowed his head when the jury at Canterbury Crown Court convicted him of having a sexual conversation with a child.

But then he pointed to his girlfriend sitting in the public gallery and sneered: “See you in 10 years.”

Prosecutor Allister Walker said the incident happened in Wincheap, Canterbury, last September.

“At the time the victim was 12 and a total stranger and he spoke to her in explicit sexual language, for no reason other than his own sexual gratification.

“He was on the prowl. She told him to go away and he did.

“The victim then stopped and called her mother. She was in tears. She set off home as her mother left to meet her,” the prosecutor added.

When he was arrested the contents of the defendant’s iPhone were downloaded and examined, revealing “a raft of 34 video clips” which had been recorded by Osbourne

Mr Walker told the jury: “The defendant had apparently randomly filmed both women and girls in public and without their knowledge. We suggest the motive for the films was sexual.”

The victim told the judge, in a impact statement read to court, how she was left frightened.

She said: “Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. The comments he made to me were disgusting. I had never heard language like that before.

“I was so scared I just wanted to get away and get home as quickly as possible. He was much older than me and I told him my age but he still made disgusting comments.”