John Humphreys – Wrexham

February 2019

Repeat flasher from Wrexham shouted abuse as he was jailed

A FLASHER from Wrexham said to crave female attention hurled abuse from a court dock as he was jailed.

John Humphreys, 58, breached a restraining order by approaching a woman and on a later occasion she spotted him outside her home, exposing himself from behind a tree.

He denied the breach or exposing himself but had been convicted at an earlier trial in the magistrates court.

Appearing at Mold Crown Court he was jailed for 16 months and ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for a decade.

He started shouted and swore in the dock before being taken to the cells below. He said it was “all a load of lies”.

Judge Niclas Parry said he would take no action over a clear contempt of court, only because of the defendant’s vulnerabilities.

Humphreys, of Dale Street in Caia Park, breached a restraining order not to approach a single mum by being abusive to her in August of last year.

He called her names and said he would have sex with her.

In September the victim looked out of her home one evening and saw him initially trying to hide behind a tree.

But then she saw that his trousers were around his knees while looking up at her window, said barrister Richard Edwards, prosecuting.

Arrested, he made no comment in interview.

In a victim impact statement, the woman told how she felt vulnerable and was afraid to go out.

She had felt some peace of mind when a restraining order was made but he had offended again.

When he had been remanded in custody it gave her a peaceful time which was the way she should be allowed to live – not to live in constant fear, she said.

Humphreys, who had previous convictions for 18 offences including a previous offence against the same victim, was said by Stephen Edwards, defending, to have intellectual limitations.

He was one of nine children who had been in care as a youngster but who had a 10-year break in his offending while he was looking after his mother.

Unfortunately, his mother had died in 2015 and he had lost his support network.

Mr Edwards said he was a sad and lonely person who craved female attention but he did not have the necessary social skills.

That was no consolation to the victim, he said.

Judge Parry said it was a worrying case.

He had deliberately and repeatedly targeted a vulnerable lady – a single mother who was bringing up her daughter and living in difficult circumstances.

Following a long period of difficulties, the judge said, Humphreys had been convicted of assault and exposure and was given the chance of a suspended sentence.

Despite a restraining order he had subjected her to sexual abuse and then nine days later he was outside her home exposing himself.

The judge said Humphreys was shaking his head in the dock and said he still denied the allegations as he had done during trial, but he had been convicted.

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