February 2019

Former supply teacher sentenced for multiple counts of child rape

A former supply teacher that groomed a schoolgirl for sex, and who went on to rape her numerous times has been jailed

Paul Defraine, 46 of Merthyr Tydfil appeared at Merthyr Crown Court where he was found guilty of five counts of rape against a female child aged under 16

The court was told that last year Defraine and another male had invited a 15 year old girl who was still in her school uniform back to a flat for a party. At this stage Defraine did not know the girl. 

However, Defraine searched for the girl on social media in order to groom and invite her back to his own flat at a later date. During this initial chat, the girl told Defraine she was only 15 and that she went to school, to which he replied he was ok with that.

During the grooming process, Defraine offered alcohol to the girl, but she refused. 

Evidence of the grooming came to light when members of the victims family found sexually explicit messages and photos on her phone that had been sent by a man in his 40’s

In those messages, Defraine told the girl how he ‘wanted her’ for sexual purposes. 

Defraine was charged with eight counts of child rape in September 2018

The rapist maintained his innocence throughout the trial, which forced his victim to give evidence against him in a traumatic situation which made the schoolgirl relive the abuse.

Defraine told the court that he was a ‘well respected man’ around town and he was always willing to help people out. He went on to say that he was ‘renowned’ for his acting in various local theatre shows, including playing the role of a character called ‘Easy D’  in the wizard of Gurnwah.

He told the court that he had simply invited the child back to his for a cup of tea and a chat as she looked tearful and upset.

However, the jury saw through his lies and found him guilty of five counts of child rape

On the final day of the trial, Judge Richard Twomlow summed up the case. He told the jury that he believed Defraine had lied his way through the entirety of the three day trial, and had shown absolutely no remorse for his actions or for what he put the child through. 

He said Defraine had taken advantage of the child’s vulnerability and as a result had ruined his own life and also the life of his young victim.

Defraine was told that he would lose his flat, be unlikely to ever find work and will never be allowed unsupervised contact with a child

Defraine was sentenced to five year imprisonment

A ten year sexual harm prevention was imposed and he was told that he would have to register as a sex offender for life