February 2019

Science teacher, 27, who bombarded female pupil with sexually-charged messages about her breasts is banned from classroom

A science teacher who bombarded a pupil with sexually motivated inappropriate messages and told her ‘condoms are boring’ has been banned from the classroom.

David Fishwick worked at the St Christopher’s CE High School in North Accrington, Lancashire, from September 2015.

The 27-year-old kept asking the pupil about her sexual experiences and about the size of her breasts with repeated mentions of the ‘iddybittytittycommittee’.

He sent Pupil A inappropriate messages about condoms between March and April 2017 – and kept emailing despite her pleas for him to stop.

‘Condoms are boring like,’ he wrote, as well as ‘wish I could give you a hug without it being weird’ and ‘I’d love to see you drunk’.

Fishwick admitted unacceptable professional conduct at a Teaching Regulation Authority disciplinary panel after sending her the emails from a school account as well as his own.

He continued to do so after she told him to desist, writing that he loved her in a caring way and that he adored her.

When he told her that she was his favourite student of all time, she replied that she was ‘crying myself to sleep’.

The teacher said she was a ‘cutie sometimes’ and insisted she loved him, warning any boys would ‘have to get past me before they can have you’.

The panel said Fishwick was ‘continually attempting to push acceptable conversational boundaries through themes like ‘persistent enquiries into Pupil A’s sexual experiences’.

It also referenced his mentions of the ‘iddybittytittycommittee’ after the pupil mentioned it initially.

Fishwick also hinted at sexualised thoughts about her and a sexualised dream about the pupil, the panel said.

It ruled that the messages sent to her over the Easter holiday period were ‘more likely than not to have been sexually motivated’.

TRA Chief Executive Alan Meyrick said: ‘The panel has observed Mr Fishwick used Pupil A’s vulnerability to cultivate an intense emotional dependence on him which he used to attempt to exploit Pupil A into participating in conversations of a sexual nature.

‘The conversations also included “advice” to Pupil A which which could be seen to encourage harmful behaviour both within and outside of school.’

But he said the teacher had demonstrated some insight into his actions.

Fishwick has been struck off indefinitely. However, the way has been left open for him to seek to have the ban lifted after five years.

Mr Meyrick, made it clear that before the ban is lifted Mr Fishwick will have to satisfy another panel that he is fit to return to the classroom.