February 2019

Pervert’s sickening Google searches revealed in court

A Derbyshire pervert made a string of Google searches including “young teen virgin” and “pre teen” before downloading sick child abuse images.

Derby Crown Court heard how police also found that Craig Haywood had Googled “Lolita” and “schoolgirl” as he searched for online pornography.

Further investigation uncovered more than 130 indecent images on electronic devices seized from the married engineer’s home after they carried out a raid there on April 24, last year.

Now he has been handed a suspended prison sentence and will be on the sex offender’s register for the next 10 years.

Judge Nirmal Shant QC told him: “The fact is that anybody who involves themselves in these sort of offences must understand they are real children being abused in these images and who are being affected by people like you who view them.

“You will undergo 30 rehabilitation days with the probation service where you will receive one-to-one sessions with experts who will address your offending.

“This might look like not very much but it is an intensive course that will challenge you.”

Mark Watson, prosecuting, said police went to Haywood’s home address, in Woodville, Swadlincote, on April 24 after information was received that his internet address had been downloading the abuse images.

He said the defendant was asked if any indecent images would be found on his electronic devices and at first he denied that any would.

He said: “Analysis was carried out and on two devices a total of 134 images were discovered on an unallocated space which would indicate the images had been deleted.”

Mr Watson said five of the most serious category A images were found which showed girls as young as nine having full sexual intercourse with adult males.

He said four category B images and 125 category C images were also discovered.

Mr Watson said: “Search terms were also found which showed the defendant has looked for ‘Lolita,’ ‘schoolgirl,’ ‘young teen virgin’ and ‘pre-teen’.”

Haywood, of Haywoods Road, pleaded guilty to five counts of making indecent images of children.

Judge Shant handed him an eight-month jail term, suspended for two years, placed him on the sex offender’s register for 10 years and handed him a sexual harm prevention order.