February 2019

Terrified 11-year-old clawed shop doors open to escape flasher

A primary school pupil clawed open the doors of a shop to get away from a flasher who exposed himself to her.

Graham Phillips, 34, drew the 11-year-old girl’s attention to the black Staffordshire bull terrier outside a Co-op store before exposing his genitals.

The girl was so terrified, a court heard, that she prised the shop’s doors apart when they failed to open automatically as she fled.

Phillips, who admitted a count of exposure, caused a “great deal of stress and anxiety” to his victim, Swansea Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday.

The offence took place outside the Co-op in High Street, Clydach, Swansea, on February 4.

The court heard Phillips’ victim was shopping with her mother when, while her mother was paying, she saw a dog outside together with Phillips, of no fixed abode.

He was trying to get the young girl’s attention as she looked at his dog and he then exposed himself.

She fled back to her mother, who was still busy at the till and unaware of what had happened, and the girl did not describe what had happened until a few hours later.

Police later spoke to Phillips who initially denied the offence but confirmed it was himself captured on the store’s CCTV footage.

A statement from the girl’s mother was read to the court in which she said: “I am very annoyed. No person should have to witness something like this in public, let alone an 11-year-old girl who is still in primary school.”

Phillips has 25 convictions for 38 offences on his record, the court was told.

Phillips was jailed for 16 weeks and ordered to pay £300 compensation to the victim. He must also pay a £150 victim surcharge and register as a sex offender.