May 2009

Sex fiend (34) gets 27 months in jail

A Cambuslang fiend who preyed on a 14-year-old girl as she made her way home from a night out was last week jailed for two years and three months.

Depraved William Edgar grabbed the schoolgirl in Glasgow Central Railway Station as she went to catch her train home after an under-18s disco.

The 34-year-old restrained the girl and kissed her before touching her up in the station’s lower level area in December last year.

British Transport Police later tried to arrest Edgar – who was identified from CCTV – at his Cambuslang home but left because there were too many people there and things might have “spiralled out of control”.

It was over a month later that Edgar was finally interviewed by the transport cops.

Sheriff Kenneth Mitchell told Glasgow Sheriff Court that he was “astonished” that the officers never called for back up to deal with the situation.

The sheriff said: “I never fail to be astonished by the things I hear in court but in over 24 years on the bench that makes it into the top 10.

“It is unbelievable that somebody who the authorities believed to have committed an assault of this nature on a young girl was allowed to remain at liberty.

“It concerns me greatly.”

Sentencing Edgar, Sheriff Mitchell added: “Females of all ages must be protected against indecent assaults of this sort and this is a particularly unpleasant example.

“This young girl was returning home from a disco and she was entitled to be safe.

“It’s quite frankly disgraceful conduct from a man of your age towards an obviously young girl.”

The sheriff placed the pervert on the sex offenders register for a period of 10 years.

Edgar, whose address was given as HMP Addiewell, admitted indecently assaulting the youngster at the Gordon Street station on December 5, last year.

Prosecutor John Bedford told the court that the girl became separated from her friends and decided to get the train home alone at around 8.15pm.

Mr Bedford said: “The complainer was looking at the destination board when she was approached by William Edgar and the pair seemed to strike up a conversation.

“They then walked together down to the lower level train area .

“As the complainer reached the bottom of the stairs Mr Edgar placed his arms around the upper part of her body restraining her.

“They were facing each other and he then proceeded to kiss her on the mouth.”

Edgar then grabbed the girl’s backside before another passenger walked by and he was forced to release her.

Mr Bedford went on: “The complainer managed to escape and made her way to the platform area where she tried to use her mobile phone.

“She was crying and was upset and shaking and could be heard saying ‘you need to come and get me, a man up there was touching me’.”

A couple who were waiting for a train overheard this and spoke to the girl before contacting British Transport Police at their office in the station.

The incident was captured on CCTV and Edgar was later identified from the footage.

Mr Bedford added: “Three British Transport Police officers went to Mr Edgar’s home on December 15 but they met a hostile reception.

“The decisions was taken to leave as the situation had the potential to spiral out of control.”

Edgar was finally interviewed on January 14 this year after he handed himself in.

Sheriff Mitchell told the court that he plans to write to the procurator fiscal’s office about the handling of the case by British Transport Police.