February 2019

Pervert made petrol bomb and owned magazines on serial killers

A Penryn man exposed himself to a female student, made a petrol bomb and owned magazines on serial killers was sent to prison.

Shaun Powell, 34, was sentenced at Truro Crown Court having been found guilty by a jury of intentionally exposing his genitals at the combined universities campus in Penryn.

The court heard he had also been found to have latex gloves, a homemade cosh, condoms and a lock knife, and at his home police found a trove of frightening items including a petrol bomb, a syringe, handcuffs, balaclavas, various knives, imitation handguns, a magazine on serial killers and a weapon designed for the discharge of a noxious liquid.

Powell, of Glasney Place, Penryn, was spotted standing completely naked by a footpath linking the campus with Treliever Road.

Judge Simon Carr sentenced Powell to 18 months in prison with a one-year extended license.