February 2019

Mum who left sons, 2 and 4, in filthy flat to go clubbing is spared jail

A drunken mum left her two young children alone asleep on a sofa – so she could go out CLUBBING, a court heard.

Kylie Taylor, 31, left her sons, aged just two and four, asleep on the living room sofa with dirty nappies strewn across the floor while she went out.

Taylor banged on a neighbour’s door just after 3am on May 8, 2017, and asked them to call a taxi, Bolton Crown Court heard.

The taxi arrived but the neighbour phoned the police, the court heard.

Neil Fryman, prosecuting, said the neighbour was “concerned that the defendant was out at the time and the children might be home alone”.

Police tracked Taylor down to McCauley’s nightclub in Bradshawgate just before 4am.

Mr Fryman said: “She was described as intoxicated and somewhat unhelpful.”

Taylor initially attempted to trick police and said her children were with her partner or at his mother’s home in Farnworth, but checks revealed they were not.

When police arrived at the home just before 5am, they found the boys alone and asleep.

There were broken objects on the floor, no food in the kitchen and a toilet was overflowing.

Five minutes later Taylor’s partner, Dylan Fahy, arrived at the property and said he had left Taylor looking after the children.

Both parents were arrested but charges against Fahy were not proceeded with and allowed to lie on file.

Taylor pleaded guilty to child neglect.

She told police that she and Fahy had an argument and she had left the house thinking he was upstairs.

She claimed that the house was in a state because she had had had an abortion only a week earlier.

Virginia Hayton, defending, told the court that the children no longer live with Taylor, although she hopes to be reunited with them one day, and her relationship with Fahy is over.

Judge Graeme Smith sentenced Taylor to a community order for 12 months with conditions that she undertakes 60 hours of unpaid work and participates in 15 days of rehabilitation activities.

He told her: “Being a parent is an enormous responsibility.

“Very small areas of neglect can lead to devastating consequences.

“Having failed to carry out the responsibility of being a parent, you have lost that privilege.”