November 2017

Violent sex attacker jailed for raping a mum in front of her six-year-old

A man from St Austell was jailed for 14 years after brutally raping a woman in front of her six-year-old child.

Truro Crown Court heard that William John Alcock, 33, subjected his victim to multiple and “deliberately painful and humiliating” assaults – one of which was in front of the child.

Judge Simon Carr said the traumatised youngster had been interviewed by police and had “tried to describe something no six year old should ever have seen”.

He added that the case also had other “significant” aggravating factors including the consumption of alcohol by Alcock and the level of violence he used to hurt and “punish” the woman.

Sentencing Alcock, who was found guilty by a jury, to 14 years for each of three counts of rape and six years for one count of assault by penetration, to run concurrently, Judge Carr said he posed a “significant and serious” danger to women and will be registered as a sex offender for life.