February 2019

Rapist wooed woman on dating site by claiming to be semi-pro footballer – before sleeping in the same house as her daughter

This rapist wooed a woman on a dating site by claiming to be a semi-pro footballer – before sleeping in the same house as her daughter

It meant Alexander Rarity – who had also been convicted of sexual activity with a child – was in breach of a court order

Rapist Alexander Rarity has been jailed after he breached a court order by sleeping in the same house as a child.

The 31-year-old told a woman he was a semi-professional footballer after they got chatting on an internet dating site.

The defendant – who was convicted of rape and sexual activity with a child in June 2007 – then went on to stay a night with her and her seven-year-old child in Anglesey and another night at her home.

This meant he was in breach of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) banning him from living or sleeping in the same house as a child under 16.

As part of the notification requirements he has to inform the police within three days if he stays in a house for at least 12 hours with a child.

Now Rarity, of Bycars Road, Burslem, has been jailed for 15 months at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court after the woman found out about his past and contacted the police.

Prosecutor Stuart Clarkson said the defendant met a woman on PlentyOfFish.com and they exchanged photographs and agreed to meet up.

Mr Clarkson said: “He told her he was a semi-professional footballer and had been single for a year or so.

“On September 28 she decided to go for a break with her daughter and some friends to a bungalow in Wales. The next day, the defendant drove down to stay with them. He arrived at 4pm and stayed overnight.

“He left the next day at 6.30pm. But in the intervening period he took the daughter to the shops and drove her to the beach. There is no suggestion anything untoward happened.

“The woman had her suspicions and Googled him. She found out he had been convicted of rape. She confronted him about it and he drove to her. She was concerned enough to contact the police and they told her to trust her instincts.”

Rarity pleaded guilty to two offences of breaching a SHPO and failing to comply with notification requirements of the sex offenders’ register.

Jason Holt, mitigating, said the offending happened shortly after the defendant’s two-year relationship with another woman ended. She has no children and was aware of his past.

He added: “There is no suggestion he is seeking out women with children.”

Judge Paul Glenn told Rarity: “You were aware of the restrictions you were subject to.

“You went to visit her when she went to Anglesey with friends. You stayed overnight and you spent relatively brief periods alone with the child. It is not suggested anything untoward occurred.

“This is now the third time you have been before the court for breaching the order and the notification requirements.

“I do, however, accept you are not targeting women with children.

“You have shown a degree of contempt for court orders.”

Rarity remains on the sex offenders’ register and is subject to a SHPO indefintely.

June 2007

Rapist of teenage girls jailed

A “sexually promiscuous and predatory rapist” who targeted underage girls for sex has been jailed for seven years.

Alexander Rarity, 20, – known as Sandy – was jailed at Northampton Crown Court and put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for the rest of his life for the rape of a 13-year-old girl and having sex with two underage teenagers.

Matthew Lowe, prosecuting, said the first sex offence happened in October when a 13-year-old girl had sex with Rarity when she was just a few days from her 14th birthday.

No complaint was made at the time until two further victims came forward.

In the same month, Rarity met another 13-year-old virgin who was babysitting for his girlfriend.

He had been due to go out for the evening but returned 30 minutes later with some alcohol and cocaine. After getting her drunk, despite knowing how young she was, they had sex.

Mr Lowe said the more serious offence happened when he picked up another 13-year-old girl in his car on November 17.

After stopping at an undisclosed location, he climbed into the front passenger seat and forced himself upon her despite her crying throughout the ordeal.

Passing sentence, Judge Patrick Eccles QC said Rarity was “reckless and manipulative” having cajoled the girls into having sex, rendering one compliant by getting her drunk, and said it was an aggravating feature he had not once used protection.

He said: “What you have done has caused immense unhappiness and distress to these young girls and their families. If these girls liked you, you should have known better to go as far with them as you did with them.”

Rarity, formerly from Heath, who admitted rape and two charges of sexual activity with an underage child, was sentenced to seven years detention, put on the Sex Offenders’ Register for life and was banned from ever working with children. He will also be subject to a sexual offences prevention order.

Richard Holloway, defending, said Rarity, who had 27 previous convictions, was a born-again Christian and had started offending soon after his seven-year-old sister was murdered by his mother’s then partner 10 years ago.