February 2019

Angus pervert facing jail for filming teen girl undressing in her own bedroom


A man set up a hidden camera to film a teenage girl naked in her bedroom – then was caught when she visited his house and borrowed his laptop as an adult.

William Geddes was caught when the women spotted a folder on the computer marked with her name.

When she opened it she found more than 30 videos inside of her dressing and undressing.

The stunned woman, who cannot be named, fled the house in Carnoustie with the laptop.

Geddes later tracked her to a supermarket cafe in Arbroath and tried to run off with the computer – but was stopped by the woman’s partner.

Now the 59-year-old faces a prison term after he admitted three sex charges.

Fiscal depute Stewart Duncan told Dundee Sheriff Court: “She attended the house and was using the laptop when she noticed a folder that contained a number of video files that were marked with her name.

“She opened one, dated from 2012, and saw it was of him walking into the room holding a recording device and putting it on a shelf before exiting.

“She saw herself entering from the bathroom wearing just a towel then taking it off leaving herself naked.

“He then re-entered after she left the room and took it off the shelf.

“She left the house and went home with the laptop and she and her partner found a number of videos.

“All appeared to have been filmed in her bedroom.

“She had never been aware of it happening.

“She arranged to meet family members at Morrisons and five minutes after leaving the accused attended her address and was told by her partner she had left with the laptop.

“She was waiting at Morrisons for others when he arrived and asked what she had found.

“He said he would delete it and then grabbed her backpack and went to leave the store.

“As he left he was approached by her partner and a struggle ensured with the result that the partner took possession of the laptop and police were contacted.

“In total 31 videos with a total run time of 21 hours 19 minutes were found.”

Geddes, of Braehead Drive, Carnoustie, pleaded guilty on indictment to charges under the Sexual Offences Scotland Act and to possessing indecent images of children.

The offences were committed between December 2010 and May 2014.

Defence solicitor Angela McLardy said she would give her plea in mitigation of the charges at a later sentencing date.

Sheriff Tom Hughes deferred sentence until next month for social work background reports and released him on bail meantime.

Geddes was placed on the sex offenders register meantime.