February 2019

Vile pervert filmed himself raping child 


A depraved vile pervert who filmed himself raping a child and then shared the footage online with other paedophiles has received an extended 26-year prison sentence.

Keith Alfred Jacobs took other images of himself abusing the “utterly defenceless” victim, which he also distributed for viewing by like-minded individuals round the world.

But, Durham Crown Court heard it was as a result of the images coming to light in Toronto, Canada, that police in the UK were alerted.

Extensive inquiries, including use of geolocation research, led Durham Police to trace the source of the footage and officers called at Jacobs’ former home in Shotton Colliery.

His phone was seized and the contents checked, revealing the disturbing footage among further indecent images of other children which Jacobs downloaded himself from the internet.

When initially questioned after the discovery of just one of his images, he tried to minimise his activity, passing it off as, “a moment of madness”, but further footage was unearthed by a forensic examiner, who described it as the worst such material he had come across in his role.

Chris Baker, prosecuting, said a gold ring worn by Jacobs on the footage he filmed, which he later gave away to try to hide the incriminating evidence, linked him to the crimes.

Mr Baker said although Jacobs made some initial denials over the full extent of his actions, he admitted offences of rape and two other sexual offences, plus making, possessing and distributing indecent images of a child at previous hearings.

The court heard that a psychiatrist who examined the 57-year-old defendant, of Heddon View, Ryton, Gateshead, described him as having a borderline personality disorder or a narcissistic personality disorder.

But Jacobs was also considered to pose a high risk of causing further significant harm to children in the future.

Judge Christopher Prince said: “Not only did you commit these serious offences against a child, but you recorded what you did and uploaded these films, so others could view them.”

Reading from the psychiatric report, the judge told Jacobs: “You have cunning, deceitfulness as well as a degree of superficiality.”

As a determinate extended sentence, Jacobs must serve at least two-thirds of the custodial element before he can be considered for parole, and will then only be released if the Parole Board no longer consider him a risk.

Whenever he is released he will be under scrutiny during a six-year licence period.

He will also be subject to notification as a sex offender for life.