January 2017

‘Devil-worshipper’ who raped teenager in his Satan-themed Barnsbury flat jailed for nine years

A self-styled devil worshipper who locked a teenager in his Barnsbury flat and raped her has been jailed for nine years.

Pedro Evangelou, pictured in his police mugshot shirtless and wearing a bandana, was convicted of rape and sexual assault in November, and sentenced yesterday at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Scotland Yard believes the 42-year-old may have preyed on other victims and has urged them to come forward safe in the knowledge he has been locked up.

He met his 19-year-old victim at Islington “alternative nightclub” Slimelight in June before taking her back to his Pembroke Street flat – where police later found a room devoted to Satan – on his Harley Davidson.

There he put a plank of wood across a door before raping and sexually assaulting the girl.

She managed to get to a window and mouth the words “help” and “phone police” to people outside, one of whom spotted her and called 999. Before cops arrived the victim managed to escape and ran into the street where she was helped by shocked passers-by.

Evangelou denied the charges, insisting the woman had consented to sex.