January 2019

Pervert who abused teen in March job interview jailed

A pervert who sexually assault a teenage boy who came to him for a job interview has been jailed.

Frail Peter Farman preyed on youngsters in the late 1970s – and today he was jailed for more than two years – 40 years after committing the crimes.

Peterborough Crown Court heard how Farman – now aged 73 – interviewed the teenager for a job in March during the 70s.

Lyndsay Cox, prosecuting, told the court: “The complainant was aged 16 or 17 at the time, and in is own words was a shy and quiet teenager.

“He went to the job interview, an no-one else was present except the defendant,

“The defendant said he would need to conduct a medical examination, and asked the complainant to remove his trousers.”

Mr Cox said defendant then carried out the indecent assaults.

A couple of weeks later, Farman made sexually suggestive comments to the victim – but the teenager pushed Farman away.

The court heard the victim had been severely affected by what happened to him, and was still getting counselling as a result.

Farman was brought to justice when the victim told police about what happened in 2016.

The court heard Farman, of Collingwood Close, March, had a number of previous convictions for similar offences.

In October 1979 he was given a suspended sentence for indecent assault on a 15-year-old girl – again after asking her to remove clothes during a job interview.

He was also given a fine for two indecent assaults in April 1983 – again after saying he needed to carry out medical examinations of teenagers. Bourne pensioner died after being blown over by the wind in Tesco car park

And he was given a rehabilitation order for an indecent assault in August 2002.

Judge Sean Enright said only an immediate prison sentence was appropriate, because of the impact the offence had on the victim.

Farman was jailed for 26 months. A restraining order banning him from contacting the victim for 10 years was also put in place, as was a sexual harm prevention order.