March 2013

Luton man jailed for rape of teenage boy

A man has been jailed for eight years for the rape of a 17-year-old boy he robbed and threatened with a knife.

Kelsey Williams-Brown told his victim he would stab him in the throat and that it was his “lucky day”, Luton Crown Court heard.

The 19-year-old, of Vincent Road, Luton, admitted robbery, rape and attempted rape, which happened near a Luton alley at 11:30 GMT on 7 January.

Judge Richard Foster said the sexual assault was “despicable”.

Maryam Syed, prosecuting, said the boy was walking in an alleyway when Williams-Brown asked him to hand over his money.

The court heard the victim was frightened and gave Williams-Brown his wallet and was then told “I will stab you in the throat if you don’t give me your phone.”

Williams-Brown then handed the phone back moments later, telling the boy it was his “lucky day.”

He took the boy to a wooded area nearby and sexually assaulted him.

The court heard the defendant was arrested about two hours later when he returned to the scene and began talking to officers.

Miss Syed said he initially claimed he had not been in the alleyway and later said the boy had consented.

In addition to the jail term Judge Foster said Williams-Brown’s name would go on the sex offenders’ register for an indefinite period.

Judge Foster added the “vicious” sexual assault had lasting consequences for the victim.