January 2019

Tilbury sex offender had extreme porn on phone because ‘man asked him to torture genitals’

A pervert who had extreme pornographic images on his phone claimed he was doing research after a man offered to pay him to torture his genitals.

Kenneth Kirk, 51, came before Basildon Crown Court today (Thursday, January 17) to be sentenced in connection with the disturbing contents police discovered on his mobile.

The shocking pictures included male genitalia being “tortured”.

The court heard that Kirk, from Tilbury, was jailed in 2015 for a string of offences – including possession of indecent images of children.

On November 8 last year, he pleaded guilty to three charges; breaching his sexual harm prevention order (SHPO), publishing by sending an obscure article and possessing extreme pornographic images.

On March 8, 2018 a search warrant was executed at his home and police seized an iPhone which was found to contain three extreme images.

They involved male genitalia being subjected to “serious harm”, which breached the SHPO Kirk received in November 2015.

The SHPO was put in place for his possession of indecent images of children, possession of prohibited images and possession of extreme images.

A condition of the order was that Kirk was forbidden from deleting his internet history.

But when his device was seized there were cookies which showed he had accessed websites but that the search history had been deleted.

Two of the terms found included “innocent girls” and “lil girl’s porn”.

Kirk told officers he was researching “cock and ball torture” (CBT) following conversations he had with a man online a year ago.

He claimed the man was going to pay him to partake in CBT and he was researching how to do it safely before sending the images to the male in question.

Kirk alleged he did not believe the images were extreme because that is “what he liked”, but said he could understand why other people would view them as extreme.

He also claimed he only viewed legal porn sites.

However, prosecutor Charlotte Davison said the fact he deleted his internet history could suggest he was “hiding illegal activity”.

Kirk first appeared in court in 2015 for his first offence. He received an eight-month prison sentence 

Sentencing, Judge IanGraham said: “You have pleaded guilty to three offences. Extreme images were found on your phone.

“These offences can and often do lead to immediate custody but one must always look to the possibility of rehabilitation.

“Sexual harm prevention orders are put there for a reason and must be obeyed.

Take this warning to heart, if you fail to take this opportunity I am giving to you there will be little mitigation left and and you will be sent to prison.”

Kirk received a three-year community order, a rehabilitation activity requirement for 60 days and 100 hours of unpaid work.

He will also be on the sex offenders’ register for five years.