January 2019

Chaddesden child sex offender caught babysitting and going to children’s parties

A child sex offender, who cannot be in the company of children unless their parents know about his conviction, has been caught babysitting a youngster.

George Hinchcliffe, of John Berrysford Close, Chaddesden, also attended a number of parties and gatherings where under 16s had been present.

Derby Crown Court heard how, in 2015, the 21-year-old had been handed a sexual harm prevention order as part of his punishment for sex offences against a nine-year-old girl.

Under its terms he must not live at any address where an under 16 year old lives and he must not be in the company of children unless their parents or guardians are aware of his conviction.

But between 2017 and last year he had been at a number of functions where children were present.

Sending Hinchcliffe to a young offender’s institution for 22 months, Judge Jonathan Bennett said: “This order is there to protect young children, particularly young girls.

“You had become involved with people and had attended various functions including parties.

“On some occasions you had stayed over at a house where children were present.

“And then, in September this year, it was discovered that you had been babysitting a child.

“You should have told these people about your order but instead you said, ‘I have got into a real mess here because I have been embarrassed to tell them about this’.

“You are quite prepared to breach an order.”

Julia King, prosecuting, said Hinchcliffe was convicted of the sex offence against the young girl in June 2015.

She said in 2017 he began spending time with people who had young children under the age of 16.

Miss King said: “He did not disclose to them his convictions and stayed over at an address on more than one occasion.

“He also went to a number of celebrations and parties where under 16s were present.

“There were instances where they would jump on and play with the defendant.

“Then, in September of last year, there was an incident where he babysat a child.”

Miss King said police became aware of the incidents and brought Hinchcliffe in for questioning.

She said his mobile phone was analysed on it were text messages indicating he had been in the company of children and he was charged.

He pleaded guilty to seven counts of breaching a sexual harm prevention order.