September 2011

Paedophile in breach of order

A PAEDOPHILE admitted breaching a sexual offences order by attending table tennis meetings in the presence of under 16s in the Chester area.

City magistrates heard David Harry Mellor, 76, of Childer Crescent, Little Sutton, had been convicted of 17 offences relating to the possession and taking of indecent photographs of children.

He was sentenced at crown court in July 2007 to a three year community order and registered as a sex offender for five years.

At magistrates, Mellor pleaded guilty to four breaches of a five-year sexual offences prevention order.

Prosecutor Alison Warburton said at that point it was suspected Mellor, a keen angler, was involved in ‘grooming’ three young boys fishing near his home.

Among the five conditions was that he should not be in any place with a child under the age of 16.

As well as being an angler, Ms Warburton said Mellor had been heavily involved with the table tennis fraternity but had never been subject to a criminal records bureau check. He had coached children as young as five.

While being investigated for the original matters, the table tennis governing body had banned him from all involvement.

However, on June 13, the Table Tennis Association head of child protection contacted the authorities after being made aware Mellor had reappeared on the table tennis scene over a period from last October until this April.

Magistrates, who ordered reports, adjourned sentencing until September 12.