November 2018

Pervert caught by paedophile hunting team 

A pervert who groomed what he believed was a young girl online, has avoided a prison sentence

Andrew Williamson of Havant appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates Court where he was sentenced for:

  • Two counts of an adult attempting to engage in sexual communication with a child

The court was told that Williamson contacted the online profile of who he believed belonged to a young girl. Williamson sent a string of sexual messages with the intent of engaging in sexual activity with the child.

However the child did not exist. A paedophile hunting team had set it up to catch online sexual predators who target children

Paedophile hunting team L&L and Riders Against Paedophiles confronted Williamson on behalf of the hunting team ‘Soloceptors’

He was arrested in December 2017

Williamson recieved a three month prison sentence which was suspended for 12 months

He was handed a three year community order and told to register as a sex offender for seven years

A sexual harm prevention order for seven years was imposed and he was ordered to participate in a sex offender programme for 29 days