October 2018

Welshpool man admits having almost 3,000 indecent image

Welshpool Magistrates Court..Pictured is Keith Simpson (43) from Welshpool..Picture by Phil Blagg..PB610-2018-9.

A Welshpool man has pleaded guilty to four charges relating to 3000 indecent images of children and another on possessing an extreme pornographic image portraying intercourse with a dog.

Keith Martin Charles Simpson, 43, of Salop Road, Welshpool, was subject to a police raid at his home on January 10 this year.

He was charged with five offences, and appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday where he admitted all five offences.

Between August 1 2017, and January 11, 2018, Simpson was charged with making 395 category A images of children, 201 category B images and 2,357 category images.

He also admitted charges of possessing 21 prohibited images of a child, and possessions an extreme animal pornographic image.

Prosecutor Rhian Jones said West Mercia Police were made aware of images being shared from an IP address, which investigations showed was from the defendant’s home.

On January 10 a warrant was issued by police, and the raid took place at Simpson’s home.

Further examination showed he had 235 category A images, and 160 videos, 160 category B images and 40 videos, and 2,306 category C images and 51 videos.

Of the material found, police classed 25 videos as extreme.

Some of the children in the material were as young as three years old.

Miss Jones said there were a number of aggravating features, which included the amount of images found, the fact that Simpson had searched for the images, and his comments made in interview.

Magistrates declined to sentence Simpson, and sent the case to Mold Crown Court on November 22.

He has been released on unconditional bail.