September 2018

Fife man caught with bestiality and child abuse images admits guilt

A Fife man was caught with extreme pornographic images on his mobile phone alongside more than 1000 child abuse pictures following a police probe.

Archibald Smith appeared at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court and pled guilty to three charges.

The 31-year-old accepted that between June and September 2017, he permitted indecent images of children to be taken at an address in the town’s Lawson Street.

He also admitted being in possession of the  indecent images as well as having pornographic images which showed adult females engaging in sexual acts with animals.

Fiscal depute Sarah Lumsden told the court: “On September 18 2017, police officers had reason to seize a mobile phone belonging to the accused.

“It was forensically examined and 1187 child abuse images were recovered from a Dropbox account.”

She told how investigators found 230 images from category A, 350 from category B and 607 from category C.

The fiscal depute added that the images featured children of both genders who ranged in age from young babies to early teens.

A total of 179 images were also recovered which showed extreme pornographic content of adult females engaging in sexual activity with a variety of animals.

Defence solicitor David Bell said: “At the time, Mr Smith describes himself as descending into a dark place.

“He started engaging with people in online chat forums with an interest in legal pornography before these offences took place.

“These were items that were sent to him and it’s fair to say that they are generally sent in large batches.

“He accepts that he downloaded the images into his Dropbox where they were recovered.

“He was living with a partner and was continuing to reside there. In due course, that situation ended although he is still in the relationship albeit with difficulties.

“He is in full time employment and now resides in the Leven area.”

Sheriff James Williamson ordered Smith, of High Street, Leven, to sign the sex offenders register and deferred sentencing to allow for background reports.

He will reappear on October 25.