October 2018

Pervert who tried to meet ’12-year-old boy’ in Fife park for sex AVOIDS jail

A pervert who wanted to have sex with a ’12-year-old boy’ has dodged jail after a judge deemed there was “no victim” following a paedo sting.

Child-sex predator David Jackson was confronted by a paedophile hunter group after he sent indecent images and video to what he thought was a 12-year-old schoolboy.

Jackson said he wanted to meet the boy for sex and told him to make sure his parents did not see the messages on his phone.

However, the youngster ‘Cameron’ was in fact a decoy set up by the Wolf Pack Hunters UK group to expose child sex offenders.

He has now walked free from court and an order was put in place preventing the public finding out where Jackson is living.

Jackson was confronted by the group when he went to Dunfermline’s Pittencrieff Park after arranging to meet Cameron.

At Dunfermline Sheriff Court, Jackson avoided a jail term and a ban was put in place preventing the publication of his new address.

Jackson, 37, previously admitted that on various occasions between April 15 and May 26 he sent sexual images and a video containing sexual images to an adult posing as a child under the age of 13.

He also admitted that on various occasions between April 15 and May 26, he sent sexual communications to an adult posing as a child.

Depute fiscal Jamie Hilland previously told the court: “Wolf Pack Hunters UK is a group of individuals claiming to protect children from online predators by setting up decoy profiles.

“These individuals will say they are a child and then record on-line conversations.”

Jackson contacted this profile and began to engage in a “sexualised conversation”, added the depute.

At one point, Jackson posted: “I’m 25 years older than you.”

When Jackson said the boy was “intelligent”, Cameron wrote back saying he tried to “do my school work”.

Jackson told the decoy: “Make sure you parents don’t go through your phone”. He also asked: “Can I trust you?”

Other posts included, “Mind delete this before you crash out. I’m not going to be able to chat to you if I’m in jail LOL.”

Jackson then sent images of an erect penis and video of him masturbating.

The depute fiscal continued: “The accused said he wanted to meet him and perform sexual acts on him.”

Police were contacted by the group and when officers caught Jackson, he said: “I was chatting to someone online.”

His mobile phone was seized.

The judge imposed a community payback order with two years’ supervision and 190 hours of unpaid work.

Jackson will also be on the sex offenders register for two years.