September 2018

Man who downloaded image of six-year-old child being raped is spared jail

A vile man who downloaded thousands of indecent images of children has avoided prison

Matthew Windsor appeared at Truro Crown Court today, Thursday, to be sentenced for four separate indecent images charges dating back to last year.

The 35-year-old’s home in Launceston was searched by police in summer 2017 following an “intelligence package” revealing he had uploaded indecent images to the internet “on more than one occasion”, the court heard.

Officers raided his house in Broad Park and seized a Dell laptop to be analysed.

Prosecuting, Francesca Whebell said 81 Category C still images were freely found on the device, and in a more detailed searched of the laptop, using specialist software, 10 Category A images and 1,412 still Category C Images were discovered.

Windsor was also found to have used Skype to distribute images and access a web browser “indicative of child abuse images”.

The defendant was interviewed on two occasions, and after the forensic analysis of his laptop, accepted the charges but denied he had “any interest in children”, the court heard.

Sentencing Windsor, who had packed his bag for jail, Judge Simon Carr warned him of the brutal reality of his disgusting actions.

He said: “Just so you are in no doubt of what you did, every day, hundreds of thousands of children are raped or sexually assaulted around the world. It’s a business. Those children wouldn’t be raped if you didn’t download those images.

“In many ways you are as culpable as those who raped the children.

“You downloaded images of children as young as six being raped; you clearly found that entertaining and a stimulant.

“Since the arrest you have addressed the problem that’s caused, and for that reason and that reason only, I will suspend what would have otherwise been an immediate custodial sentence.”

For each count Windsor was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for two years. He will be forced to attend a sex offenders course and attend a rehabilitation programme. He will also be placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

“If you fail to comply you will be back in front of me and will serve every day of that suspended sentence,” Judge Carr said.

He added: “You are still in denial about your sexual interest in children; people don’t download images unless they have such an interest. The sooner you come to terms with that, the sooner you can start addressing the matter.”