September 2018

Tube pervert is banned from sitting near females on trains and buses

Pic shows Marius Nastase A Romanian restaurant worker caught pleasuring himself on a busy commuter train was spared jail and banned from sitting near women on public transport. Marius Nastase, 31, was spotted on a Metropolitan line train playing with himself while staring at a female passenger. The shocked commuter snapped a picture of him on her phone before he got off at Moorgate station, then handed the image to police at Liverpool Street Station. SEE STORY CENTRAL NEWS

A man has been banned from sitting near females on public transport after he was caught masturbating on a Tube train.

Marius Nastase was finally tracked down by police after one of his victims took a picture of him when he disembarked at Moorgate Station.

She showed the image to officers and the 31-year-old was arrested soon after.

He was found guilty of one count of public indecency and was sentenced at Southwark Crown Court on Friday.

Judge Philip Bartle QC told him: ‘You must have gone into that carriage either with an erect penis or you got your penis erect.

‘You were seen masturbating in the presence of this lady for what she says was about 10 minutes to her obvious distress and shock.

‘It is a disgraceful piece of behaviour. You were a person of good character, you no longer are because you have this conviction.’

Prosecutor Gregor McKinley said that there were other people nearby, including children.

He said that Nastase, who moved to the UK from Romania four years ago, got onto the Metropolitan Line in the morning of Monday October 17, 2016.

Mr McKinley said ‘He took the seat opposite [the woman] and she noticed that he appeared to be manipulating and squeezing his penis inside the jogging bottoms.

‘Other people boarded, some people with children, and he continued.’

Nastase, from Northwood, near Watford, was told to carry out 100 days on a course for sexual offenders.

He has also been told that he must register his Oyster card so that his movements can be tracked and he was ordered to pay £1,050 in compensation and costs.