August 2018

Aberdeen man molested girl, 7, at house party

A party guest has admitted sexually assaulting a seven-year-old girl while she was asleep in her bed.

Kristopher Luke initially said nothing when quizzed by the police – but later confessed, saying he “could not handle the guilt”.

His young victim had woken up to find Luke in her room, and later alerted her parents to what had happened.

Appearing in the dock at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, Luke admitted sexually assaulting the youngster on January 26 this year.

The 29-year-old, from Aberdeen, was warned by Sheriff Jack Brown that he is facing jail.

Depute fiscal Jamie Dunbar told the court: “On the evening of January 26 2018 the complainer’s parents invited people, including the accused, to the locus for a party.

“Throughout the evening all the adults, with the exception of the parents, drank alcohol.”

The court was told that later in the evening the victim had fallen asleep and was put to her bed.

Mr Dunbar said Luke entered the bedroom and touched her.

The depute fiscal added: “The complainer saw the accused sat on her bed and asked what was going on.”

Shortly afterwards Luke left the room.

“The accused said he was not feeling well and left the locus,” Mr Dunbar added.

The next day the victim told her parents what Luke had done to her and they contacted the police.

When Luke was arrested and interviewed, he responded “no comment”. However, the court was told that days later he was confronted by his then-partner and he “accepted he had committed the offence”.

Mr Dunbar said: “He said he wanted to go to the police and confess.”

Once at the police station Mr Dunbar told the court Luke said: “He wanted to confess and said he was quote, ‘guilty’.”

The depute fiscal added that when Luke was asked why he hadn’t said anything when spoken to before, he responded: “Because I could not handle the guilt.”

Mike Monro, defence agent for Luke, whose address was given in court papers as Grandholm Court, Aberdeen, said reports into his client’s background would be required.

Sheriff Brown told Luke, who will be sentenced in October, that custody would be “at the forefront of my mind” due to the nature of the offence. He was also made subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act.