November 2011

Man jailed for punching baby in face

A man who punched a baby in the face in an horrific attack in an Eastbourne street has been jailed.

Mark Ince saw his ex-girlfriend and her new partner in the street and lashed out at the man, who was holding the baby in his arms.

He accidentally hit the baby girl in the face and horrified members of the public gave chase when Ince fled the scene.

The one-year-old baby girl suffered bruising and a large bump to the top of her forehead.

The incident unfolded after 30-year-old Ince saw his ex, her two children with her new partner and Ince’s own daughter in Langney Road.

As the family passed Ince, he shook his head and made a derogatory comment to the man, who told Ince to shut up.

Hearing this, Ince ran towards his victim and punched him in the face twice.

The boyfriend nearly dropped the baby while being attacked, but the tot was rescued by a member of the public.

He punched Ince, who then fled.

The court was told a witness heard Ince say, “It’s not my kid.” after the attack. Ince, of Seaside, pleaded guilty to two counts of assault by beating at an earlier hearing and that case was adjourned for reports.

At a hearing on Wednesday, the case was adjourned temporarily as Ince continued to shout out during proceedings, despite being told by magistrates to be quiet.

As he was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison for each assault, Ince, who returned to the dock to hear his fate, protested saying he had tried to seek help.

He added, “How will sending me to jail help me?”

But in justifying the bench’s decision, chairman Alan Baldock said it was felt Ince was ‘a danger to be let out.’

Ince also received a restraining order prohibiting him from contacting his two victims and preventing him from contacting his ex-partner except via solicitors