September 2018

Paedophile attacked a five-year-old girl

A paedophile attacked a five-year-old girl after meeting her mum for the first time just ONE HOUR earlier.

Thomas Mason, 34, had just met the child’s mother when he was left with the youngster and allowed to take her to the beach and to his own home in Ayrshire.

The mum, 45, met the predator through a friend and didn’t even know where he lived before waving him off with her child.

The court heard he had been looking after other children at the time.

He then carried out multiple depraved sex attacks on the youngster over the course of two days.

She said: “She only knew him for an hour then she went to the beach with him.

“He took her to the beach on the first day and on the second day he took her to the park.

“She was really excited. I made her a packed lunch.

“I didn’t think she’d be in any danger. I thought she’d be well looked after.”

When the pervert took the girl to her home after the beach trip her father was working, so the beast was allowed to take her back to his house in Stevenston Ayrshire.

When they finally returned, Mason asked the girl: “You had a good day, didn’t you?” The child cuddled into her mum and never spoke.

Her weeping mother, told Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard: “I didn’t know she’d be in any danger and I didn’t know anything had happened by then.”

On the second day they were late back and she realised her daughter was wearing different clothes and carrying a present.

“My daughter came up to me bedroom and said nothing. Her face was chalk white,” the woman said.

“She said, ‘Mum, I’ve got something to tell you’”. The girl described being forced to stand naked while Mason stared at her and carried out sex acts.

The mother added her daughter girl “smelt different” and said her lips were sore after Mason grabbed and kissed her.

She said: “I knew what had happened. It was mother’s instinct. I just phoned the police and said my daughter had been groomed and sexually abused by a paedophile.
“This was my worst nightmare that had ever happened to me.”

Manus Tolland, defending, asked why she failed to look for her daughter when she was late home.

The mother replied: “I wish I had done and I’ll have to live with that for the rest of my life.”

Mason, of Ardrossan, was found guilty of sexually assaulting the girl in Stevenston in July 2017.

Sentence was deferred, he was remanded in custody and placed on the Sex Offenders Register.

During his trial, it emerged Mason had been investigated by police in his native Leeds after allegedly molesting a girl of nine and his removal van was attacked when he flitted to Scotland, carrying out the attack within months of arriving.