September 2018

Remorseless paedophile caged for sexual abuse of two boys over 12-year period

A man who sexually abused two boys over a 12-year period has been caged for 16 years.

Shaun Parkin, from Dewsbury , was locked up after pleading guilty to multiple charges of sexual abuse, including rape, of the young boys as young as 10. The NSPCC said he showed “no remorse” for his abhorrent crimes.

West Yorkshire Police said Parkin’s crimes date back to 2005, when he sexually abused the two who were just 10 and 11 at the time.

The abuse continued up until 2017, before he was subsequently arrested in December.

Judge Battye, at Leeds Crown Court , handed Parkin, 52, of Castle Crescent, a 13 year prison sentence on Monday for rape and sexual activity with a child.

These charges were in connection to his first victim.

Parkin also received a five year sentence for the abuse of his second victim to be served consecutively.

In total, he will serve 16 years and nine months.

He was also given a lifelong Sexual Harm Prevention Order and placed on the Sex Offenders Register for life.