September 2018

Pervert licked his lips at schoolgirls

A repeat sex offender who propositioned a group of 13-year-old schoolgirls has walked free from court.

Mustafa Ali licked his lips at the children as they started the summer holidays and invited some to come back to his flat to smoke drugs with him.

And the 27-year-old, who admits he finds teenage girls attractive, later accepted the girls were lucky they had not come back with him.

But Judge Jason Taylor QC said he was conscious he had been jailed before for sex crimes and was still offending, so decided to give him help in the community.

Ali was hanging around the West Swindon Centre on the afternoon of Friday July 20 as schoolchildren were walking past on the last day of the academic year.

Rob Welling, prosecuting, said he was seen licking his lips and making comments to girls about getting comfortable on his bed as well as giving them cigarettes.

He then suggested to two 13-year-olds that they come back with him to smoke cannabis, which they declined.

The behaviour put him in breach of a sexual offences prevention order imposed in 2015 after he was convicted of other sex assaults.

On that occasion he was first put on a suspended sentence after he groped three women over a period of 48 hours.

In the first incident he targeted a mother and her grown up daughter as they shopped in the town centre branch of Boots.

He grabbed the mum by the hips and pressed himself against her backside as she leaned over to look at goods on display.

As she walked off he followed and grabbed at the breasts of the daughter, who was in her twenties, as he pressed himself against her.

Two days later he followed and groped at another young mum as she walked across Buckhurst Field, Walcot, taking her youngster to nursery.

Within months of being given the chance he was caught flashing and sentenced to 31 months inside for all of the offences.

Ali, of Gerrard Walk, Grange Park, admitted breaching the sexual offences prevention order.

Passing sentence the judge said “On July 20 you approached a group of teenage females, it was in fact the last day of school.

“You then spoke to two 13-year-old girls asking them to come back to your home to smoke marijuana on your bed.

“It seems you had been watching other children as they passed you and licking your lips and making comments like getting comfortable on your bed.

“The girls accepted your offer of normal cigarettes but declined to come back to your property. Your actions put you in breach of your sexual offences prevention order.

“You since told probation you acted in the way you did because you had smoked cannabis and they are lucky they did not come back, which is undoubtedly true.

“You have expressed to probation you find teenage girls attractive. It is worrying to think what would have happened if they had taken up on your invitation.

“There is no doubt this merits immediate custody bearing in mind your risk to girls under 16 and general members of the public.

“I am very conscious that you received a prison sentence and her you are again. One of the factors I must consider is the prospect of rehabilitation.

“I hope I am not wrong as you have received help in the past. I recognise the deep seated attitudes such as the ones you hold might need repeated help. I have been persuaded just that the 16 month sentence can be suspended for two years.”

He said he must do 30 days of rehabilitation activity requirement, would be under supervision for two years, and imposed a new 10 year sexual harm prevention order.