Update: Now in Hull Prison

May 2018

Man jailed for severe attacking baby

A man who viciously attacked his seven month old baby son, and him so severely disabled that he needs 24 hour care for life has been sentenced to just four years

Darren Spreadbury, 28 of Whitby appeared at York Crown court where he faced charges of:

  • Wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm

  • Committing an act/or acts with the intent to pervert the course of justice

  • Threats to kill

The court was told that the baby was left with severe disabilities which were a direct result from Spreadburys vicious attack.

The child now has severe permanent brain damage which left 300ml of blood inside his skull and in his spinal column

The baby was shook so hard that his optic nerve snapped which left him completely blind,

He now has has Quadriplegia cerebral palsy which will leave him in a wheelchair for life. He will be body brace dependant for life

The child will never be able to walk or talk

Cafe worker Spreadbury entered his guilty plea to GBH on the first day of the trial, but subsequently tried to change his plea. Judge Andrew Stubbs QC rejected the bid and rubbished Spreadburys version of events which led to the tragic event.

The mother of the baby said: “He has completely ruined by babys life”

“My child now needs 24/7 care because he has been left with brain damage and blind cause he (spreadbury) snapped the optic nerve”

“Ive had to move to a wheelchair accessible home and give up my job to be a full time care for my son”

“My child has been left permanently disabled. He will never be able to see, walk or talk.”

“He now also has regular epileptic fits – up to eight times a day”

Speaking about Spreadbury, she said: “He lied for two years and blamed everyone. He even blamed the dog and a burglar”

“He blamed my 19 year old dog and said she must of sat on the baby and the dogs dismissed it as totally implausible”

A doctors report confirmed the boy suffered injuries which left him quadriplegic – which is the paralysis of all four limbs – Blind and epileptic. The child’s head has not grown properly and he has severe hip problems

Spreadbury remained stony faced and without remorse as the judge sentenced him to four years in prison of which he is likely to serve only half