August 2018

Pervert jailed for 11 rapes and tying child to stool in ‘horrific torture’

A cruel man has been jailed for 18 years for the “horrific torture” of a child 20 years ago.

Howard Lavers put his victim through a number of perverted acts including tying her to a stool.

The 55 year old was facing a trial at Canterbury Crown Court when he changed his pleas to guilty to sex charges involving 11 rapes.

Lavers, of Mount Road, Dover, on occasions degraded and humiliated the girl with vile debauched sex acts.

Prosecutor Kieran Brand told how the pervert twisted Barbie dolls and Action Men in sex positions which he then acted out.

Police arrested him two years ago at his home and officers discovered he had also downloaded 138 child sex images – including some at the worst level.

The court heard that experts discovered he had been searching on the internet for sick pictures involving animals and children.

The victim – who sat just feet away from her attacker – told the judge that the attacks had destroyed her life and she still suffers flashbacks.

Judge Rupert Lowe told Lavers: “These offences involve the most appalling criminal activity which have had untold consequences on your victim.

“This was torture and you didn’t care that she was hurting. There is no other word other than torture of a child.”

The court heard the victim later confronted her attacker who said he didn’t know why he had done it.

But Judge Lowe said: “I can tell you you did it for your own perverted sexual pleasure and I see no sign of any remorse.”

An indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order was also made prohibiting him ever staying in a house where a child under 16 was staying.

After he left to start his sentence, the judge praised the victim for her courage in attending court.