April 2007

Paedophile raped girl

A young girl was robbed of her youth by a Doncaster paedophile who groomed her from a child of nine before raping her when she was just 11-years-old.

Family friend Trevor Breeze, aged 44, sent the girl messages over the internet, bought her gifts, and sexually assaulted her over a nightdress, before raping her at his house on the way home from a shopping trip.

As he was jailed for a minimum of seven and a half years, the girl’s mum told of the devastating effect of his “sick” actions.

She said: “It’s just been devastation after devastation after devastation. That sentence is nothing to what we’ve been through. She’s 16 now and from the age of 11 she has lost everything. She has not been able to go out because she has been too scared, she lost all her confidence, she would not do anything.”

But she said the lowest point came when, aged 13, her daughter took an overdose of ibuprofen and aspirin and ended up in hospital for four days. It was only after the overdose she was able to share the extent of what had happened – telling her mum’s best friend that she had been raped.

Breeze, of Marlow Road, Intake, Doncaster, pleaded guilty to raping and assaulting the girl, and to possessing indecent images at a hearing in March.

And the girl’s mum said: “Since March when he admitted it, she has started picking up the pieces. She can go out to town now and go out with her friends, without always looking over her shoulder.

“It’s been a nightmare, and although I am not over the moon with the sentence – 25 years would not have been long for me – I am pleased because I was going on the five year minimum basis, and we have been spared the ordeal of a trial.”

She added that the effects of Breeze’s actions had been felt throughout the family, saying: “I have got three girls and I do not allow them out of my sight. I do not trust anyone with my kids and it’s really hard. But it’s over now – now he is locked up.”

Sheffield Crown Court heard Breeze had initially known the girl’s father but had then become a family friend. He had been trusted to look after the girl on a few occasions when her mother went shopping, and would occasionally take her out on trips.

Prosecutor Sarah Wright said: “He groomed her, buying her gifts, and he began to sexually assault her if she was wearing a nightdress.

He kissed her and told her he loved her. He’d pick her up from school. They conversed via computer.”

When the girl was 11 Breeze took her on a shopping trip to Meadowhall but, on the way home, he said he had forgotten something and took her to his house where he raped her.

His actions came to light in May 2004 when the girl’s parents discovered messages between her and Breeze on the family computer. They were so disturbed they called in police and Breeze was arrested, at first denying any impropriety.

Police seized his computer and a number of floppy discs and CDs which revealed 252 indecent images of children. He told police he had no sexual interest in children and that he had downloaded them “out of curiosity”, said Miss Wright. 

Judge Michael Murphy gave Breeze an extended sentence of seven-and-a-half years in prison with two-and-a-half extra years on licence.

He told him: “This was a very serious breach of trust. You betrayed the confidence not only of this naive 11-year-old girl but the trust of her parents. You have a very serious problem as far as paedophile tendencies are concerned.”