August 2018

Convicted paedophile re-offends

A “depraved” paedophile found with more than 24,000 indecent images and videos of children has been jailed for 44 months, a year after being handed a suspended sentence for possessing more than 175,000 indecent images.

Colin Appleyard, 73, of Bartle Close, Great Horton, pleaded guilty to two counts of making indecent images and videos of children.

Prosecutor Giles Bridge told Bradford Crown Court how police searched Appleyard’s house on June 1 after concerns had been raised he had been viewing indecent images as his address was linked to a suspicious website.

A laptop, hard drive and iPad were seized for examination, and it was found the hard drive and laptop contained 24,166 indecent images of children, including Category A – the most serious – videos of children.

Some photos were saved in a favourites folder titled ‘Ultra Cute’, and Appleyard used a peer-to-peer file sharing website to access and download images.

He also had a programme which deletes potentially unwanted files from a computer, and a programme which speeds up downloads.

The photos were downloaded between March and May this year, and featured children aged from seven to 15 years old, including more than 100 videos.

Mr Bridge said Appleyard had a “systematic storage system” for the files.

The court heard Appleyard acts as the carer for his wife of 51 years, and has had a coronary bypass and has a chronic pulmonary disorder.

Ash Khullar, mitigating, said: “His wife is an innocent party who will suffer as a result of this.”

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC, the Recorder of Bradford, said: “You are an ill man with a number of serious problems, but this damage is entirely self-inflicted.

“You have lived, on the face of it, a blameless life before appearing before me last year on no less than six counts of making over 175,000 images, involved 175,000 children being abused for the depraved interest of paedophiles like you.

“Because of your character and the protestation this was an error of judgement, I was persuaded to impose a suspended sentence and imposed a number of requirements.

“What you were saying to the Probation Service was a sham. Between April and May you were actively involved in the acquisition of indecent images of children.

“The first count represents over 24,000 images, and the second involves three very long and distressing images showing children, victims, used by others to satisfy the cravings of the likes of you. This is a very bad case.

“It was a clever, sophisticated, and devious return to your pastime of entrenched paedophilic tendencies of which you are in denial.”

Appleyard was handed 24 months in prison for each count, served concurrently, and ordered to serve his 20 month suspended sentence in full consecutively, and was made subject to a lifetime Sexual Harm Prevention Order.