August 2018

Pervert jailed after grooming child online

A pervert who believed he was sending sexual messages to two young girls online has been jailed

Darren Friday, 49 of Wavertree appeared at court where he was sentenced for:

  • Sexual communication with a child under 16

  • Three counts of inciting a child into sexual activity

  • Inciting a child to send indecent images

The court was told that Friday had contacted two online profiles, he believed belonged to 14-year-old girls. Friday immediately sent sexually charged messages with the intention of engaging in sexual activity with the girls.

The persistent pervert repeatedly asked the children for indecent images of herself, and in one vile passage of messages, Friday explained to the child what sexual intercourse was and what he intended to do with the girl

However, the girls did not exist, and were infact ‘decoys’ from online child protection teams.

Two teams called ‘Hunting 4 Justice’ & ‘Welsh Children Protectors’ gathered their evidence and handed it into police

Friday was arrested two days later.

Police analysed his internet history and found searches relating to arranged meets with the girls. Friday had searched for hotels and b&bs to book, so he could take the children back to

The judge sentenced him to 14 months imprisonment 

Friday was told that he must spend 10 years on the sex offenders register and will have to adhere to a lifetime sexual harm prevention order, which limits his access to children and the internet