August 2016

Teacher who molested girls jailed for ten years

A primary school teacher who bent girls over his knee to smack their bottoms and ordered them to go topless in PE lessons has been jailed for ten years.

Bruce Kilgour, 68, indecently assaulted three pupils who were aged between eight and ten in the 1970s.

A court heard he touched a girl’s breasts, flicked an under-13’s knickers, slapped female pupils’ bottoms and felt their inner thigh.

He also pulled down the female students’ tops and shouted “peek-a-boo”.

Kilgour was found guilty of 14 charges of indecently assaulting three girls at Gayton Junior School in Derby on Friday after a trial at Derby Crown Court.

Jailing him for ten years, Judge Ebrahim Mooncey said: “All of the counts you committed were horrendous Mr Kilgour and the activities I have heard about over the past week-and-a-half are very worrying indeed.

“You cannot avoid custody, justice has caught up with you after all these years.

“All these years you continued to have a normal life making contributions to your community.

“You know (the offending) was not the right thing to do and victims have suffered psychological harm but your case was that these incidents simply did not happen.

“But three different victims have come forward independently to give evidence against you.”

Kilgour, of Sunny Hill, Derby was also handed a sexual harm prevention order which means he will not be allowed live in the same home as anyone under the age of 16, have contact with anyone under the age of 16 and must not contact any of his three victims directly or indirectly.

During the trial, one victim told the jury the Year two teacher would put his hands up her skirt in his classroom.

Speaking from behind a curtain in court the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said Kilgour would call pupils up to his desk and assault them.

She said he would ask to go through work but then he put his hands up her skirt and touched her inner thighs close to her underwear.

The victim also claimed he put her over his knee and smacked her bottom above her underwear on numerous occasions.

She added: “With the girls, he was very tactile, cuddling, hugging and tickling.

“I used to have to go up to his desk to read and to show him our work.

“If I had done well, he would usually tickle or cuddle me.

“On some occasions he would put me over his knee and smack me. He would use both of his hands to put me over his legs.

“One hand would go on to my back and then he would lift my skirt up with his other hand. He’d then smack me two or three times.”

The victim also revealed Kilgour told girls not to wear tops in multiple PE lessons.

She added: “When we did PE outside, on some occasions, we were told not to wear tops. We were told to just wear the PE pants.

“We used to try to get changed quite quickly because we knew he would be coming in.”

The court heard the allegations came to light in 2014 when the witness distributed a message on Facebook around her old school mates with a view to identifying other “victims”.

Prosecutor Mark Watson said: “There was a significant breach of trust in this case, those children were in this defendant’s care, he was their teacher.”

In a victim personal statement, which was read out before Kilgour was sentenced, one of the victims said: “I thought I was the problem.

“I have four children and I have not had a relationship with a man for 10 years because I think all men are potential paedophiles.

“Mr Kilgour frightened me, I used to have nightmares at the time and I used to wake up with the sweats.”