December 2008

Mother faces son’s torture killer

A mother from Merseyside came face to face with the man who tortured and murdered her 15-year-old son, as part of a pilot scheme.

Liz Moss, from Thornton, gave a victim impact statement at the parole hearing for Graham Neary, now 25, who killed her son Michael, as a 16-year-old.

Neary, who was jailed for life in 1999, was granted release on a life licence.

Mugshot of Graham Neary which was released after he was jailed for life

Despite Neary’s release, Mrs Moss said she wanted the Home Office pilot scheme extended across the UK.

Michael was tortured to death on playing fields in Litherland, Merseyside, in 1999 by Neary, Allan Bentley and Mark McKeefrey – then all 16.

The teenager was stripped naked and stabbed 95 times. His ear was almost cut off by a broken vodka bottle, in what was described as a copycat scene from the film Reservoir Dogs.

The killing sparked outrage at the time and Mrs Moss, 53, told the hearing at Sudbury Open Prison that Neary should never be released.

She told the BBC: “What they did to my son – an animal doesn’t even do that. They cut his ear off. They broke his neck. He had 95 stab wounds. What kind of human being does that?”

Mugshot of Allan Bentley which was released after he was jailed

Despite being told Neary would be released, Mrs Moss – who is suffering from post-traumatic stress – said she was glad she had appeared at the hearing.

She said: “It gives you a voice. I had my say – he had to listen to me. You do get great satisfaction out of it – especially when you are facing that murderer.

“I hope I’ve opened the doors for all victims of murder and manslaughter. They will be able to have the voice of their child as well – like I have.”

Mrs Moss is believed to be one of the first people in England to take part in the scheme. 

Mugshot of Mark McKeefrey