August 2018

Schoolgirl overdosed after sending topless pics to Lanarkshire perv who contacted her on social media

A schoolgirl overdosed after sending topless pics to a lanarkshire pervert who contacted her online.

Dean Cooper, 21, persuaded the 14-year-old to send him explicit images after he sent her a friend request out of the blue on social media.

He also instructed her to carry out degrading sexual acts despite knowing she was under 16 and sent photos of himself naked to her.

The girl became so distressed at the exchanges with Cooper that she took an overdose of 20 paracetamol pills.

While recovering from her ordeal, she told her mum about what had happened and cops were called in to investigate.

Cooper appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court where he admitted directing sexual messages at the girl and inducing her to send indecent images of herself between March and June last year.

Fiscal depute Neil Thomson told the court: “The child received a friend request from the accused and this continued into communication on various types of social media.

“After about a week the accused started sending sexual messages and asked the complainer to send indecent images of herself.

“She did send him one and he asked for further pictures. She sent him a total of 10 topless photographs.

“The matter came to light when she became very concerned and took an overdose of 20 paracetamol tablets.

“She confided in her mother what was going on and the matter was reported to police.

“The accused’s home was searched and during that process his mother asked him if he knew what age the girl was and he replied: ‘Yes I did. I knew she was only 14.’

“Various messages were found on both the complainer’s phone and the accused’s phone.”

Sheriff David Bicket called for reports and placed Cooper on the sex offenders register.

He was bailed and will be sentenced next month.

Cooper’s not guilty pleas to charges that he threatened to publish photos of the girl online and induced another 14-year-old girl to send him indecent images were accepted by prosecutors.