August 2018

Pervert jailed for 21 years for ‘campaign of sexual offending’ in Hatfield

A 61-year-old man who abused three girls over a course of half a decade has been sentenced to 21 years in prison.

Addison Hickman, of no fixed abode, was sentenced at St Albans Crown Court on Monday after a jury unanimously found him guilty earlier this year.

Judge Philip Grey called Hickman’s multiple offences against the trio “a campaign of sexual offending”.

Most of the offences took place in Hatfield, and one of his victims said in a statement read out in court: “He used me in every way possible and took my childhood away.”

The repeated offences only stopped once police arrested Hickman in 2017, and he maintained his innocence throughout the trial.

Judge Grey said: “The impact of your offending has been severe. [One of the victims] has self-harmed and [another of them] has been greatly affected – she knows she did nothing wrong and knows the fault lies with you.

“I hope they can live lives not constantly corroded by thoughts of you.”

Judge Grey said Hickman did not have a low likelihood of reoffending, calling him dangerous, as he created deliberate opportunities to create offences and had shown no remorse.

Hickman’s pancreatitis was no barrier to his offending, he added.

Hickman was sentenced to 21 years in prison on 16 counts of various sexual offences.

He will have to serve two-thirds of that, at least 13 years, before the parole board can consider whether to release him.

He was also given a sexual harm order, prohibiting him from having unsupervised contact with children aged under 16 and from communication with children under 16.

He can only communicate with them if it is allowed to by a responsible adult. The orders do not outlaw inadvertent and unavoidable contact with a child.

He has also been banned from approaching or contacting any of the victims, whose dignity Judge Grey paid tribute to in court.