December 2017

Dromara teenager admits sexually assaulting young girls

A Dromara teenager who sexually assaulted three young girls has been sentenced to three years probation and ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for a period of five years.

At Craigavon Crown Court on Thursday (November 30), Lee Hamilton (19), of Aughnaskeagh Road, pleaded guilty to a total of six offences, including sexually assaulting a child aged under 13 years

He also admitted a charge of sexual assault by penetration and four counts of sexual assault

The offences all occurred on dates after February 1, 2009.

He was found not guilty on eight other similar charges.

Hamilton, who was aged under 18 when he committed the offences, was spared jail but was given a three-year Probation Order and was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for a period of five years.

The court also imposed a seven-year Sexual Offences Prevention Order which means he is subject to a number of conditions, including being “prohibited from undertaking any activity in paid, private, voluntary or charitable capacity which affords access to children or young persons, unless approved of by his Designated Risk Manager”.

It also prohibits him from having “any unsupervised access, association, contact or communication with young persons under 16 years, unless approved by his Designated Risk Manager, save for everyday inadvertent and unavoidable contact.”

A Restraining Order banning Hamilton from having any direct or indirect contact with any of his three victims will be in place until November 30, 2022.